Progress Report: 2012-10-18

Progress Report, 10–18–12

Progress Report: 2012-08-17

Progress Report of August 17, 2012



Federal court ruling barring detention without charges or trial appealed NEW YORK (Reuters) – Federal prosecutors on Monday appealed a judge’s order barring enforcement of part of a law that permits indefinite military detention for those deemed to have “substantially supported” al Qaeda, the Taliban or ”associated forces.” Reported by Reuters on August 6, 2012

However, I do not see how the federal courts could enforce its order if upheld, since the President acts  without judicial review. Urge Congress to revoke the NDAA of 2012 provision which gives the President the  authority to arrest and detain any American citizen on U. S. soil indefinitely without charges or a trial. Sign  the petition at:

Don Sheldon likes the article from the Miami Harold that discusses the terrible dilemma of the pilots that carry out these (illegal) orders, who are putting themselves in jeopardy of future allegations of wrong doing in courts for war crimes, though it is not expressed in exactly that way, The article does say they are
being offered psychiatric treatment.

Progress Report: 2012-08-03

Progress Report – 2012-08-03


Boy killed without trial or due process:

He was 16 years old and an American citizen. He had committed
no crime and was charged with no wrongdoing, but he was
killed without trial or due process — by our military and the

Abdulrahman Al-Aulaqi was the innocent victim of an out-of-
control CIA and Pentagon “targeted killing” program. This
shadowy program started by targeting those on secret “kill lists.”
Then, it was expanded to target those who fit a specific “pattern
of behavior” — even if their identities were unknown.

And now, outrageously, the CIA is counting “all military-age
males” in specific areas as targets unless intelligence proves
them innocent — after they’re dead.