Progress Report: 2011-01-20

Attached are three pdfs. One is the summons papers that I received on January 11, 2011. The second is my response to the court of January 13, 2011. It is the same letter at the end of the previous progress report. The third is a letter that I mailed to the court on January 17, 2011.

I have been charged with jury tampering, but this is legal excuse for my real activity, which is treason. With your help, I intend to strip the power of the courts and transfer it to the people.

If I am left alone, I will be eaten alive. I will have no chance of winning this case, regardless of the merits. To survive in their present condition, the courts cannot afford to lose.

This case can only be won by you, in the court of public opinion. If you win it there, the court decision will be irrelevant. The price of justice is eternal publicity. Your job is to swamp the court and media with letters, E-mails, tweets, and phone calls. Not long letters. They probably will not be read anyway, but they will be counted. Those of you in the communications media (probably everybody) must continue to press to keep the court case alive. I will feed you information as we proceed.

This case is not about me. It is about you. I am only your stalking horse. In less than 2 months, I will be 79 years old. I will not be on the scene much longer, so the outcome will not have a major effect in my life. I may not even live to see the outcome of the court case. I can cheat them from punishing me by dying. But most of you will be around for awhile.

To help with the court case, I have formed an advisory circle (a euphemism for a secret government). Currently there are 17 members, 8 of whom are attorneys. Three of them already have chewed me out in public in this forum. Good! I do not need yes people. I need constant criticism, and I see that my need will be realized. A little more civility would be useful. I am asking these people to criticize only to the advisory committee, which will have its own E-mail list. Its primary mission is to provide information and strategy. Keep the irrelevant nastiness off the main list. We are already losing members because of the attacks on each other.

If you have some advice or ideas and wish to join the secret government, let me know. The more advisors that I have will make it easier to ignore them and do whatever I want. At the moment most of the advisors are on a BCC list. In future correspondence, they will be on an open CC list which will go only to other members on the list. This is so they can communicate with each other. If any of them wish to remain on a BCC list or be removed from the list, I should be informed immediately.

You will have numerous opportunities to criticize me. I do not let the court run the trial its way. The lawyers on both sides and the judge will have to start drinking heavily. If they need illicit drugs, I made good contacts while in Riker’s Island prison. I do what appear to be crazy things. Many of them are crazy. I am often wrong, but never uncertain.

When I was served the summons, the officers notified me that if I did not appear at the hearing on January 24, 2011, I would be arrested. In my letter of January 17, 2011, I notified the court that I would not appear. I expect to be arrested and confined next week. Probably the court will not allow bail, though it is irrelevant. I do not post bail.

An uncorrectable virus has been placed in my E-mail program, so that I cannot receive E-mails, though I can still send them. However, my server (Penn State University) has an alternate route for me to receive E-mail). Presumably this virus was introduced by the Department of Homeland Security.

It apparent that the courts and Department of Homeland Security are so terrified that a ridiculous charge and illegal tampering have been employed against a crazy old man. Once I am in prison, the court and U. S. Attorney will drag the case on forever (i. e. until I die) in order to keep me there.

If I am to get released and move the trial forward, you (and I mean you in the singular) will have to work hard. The following organizational structure has been established:

  • Bile: Treasurer, Secretary, and LWRN podcast producer. (i. e. the Boss)
  • James Babb: Coordinator of demonstrations, literature distribution, and packing the court house
  • George Donnelly: Publicity coordinator. Keep him informed.
  • Ilo Jones is the steady hand of reason and organization
  • James Cox is a genius field worker and organizer. We must not lose him. He has no other income and needs a salary. You must provide the funds. Send money to
  • The group of lawyers to handle the legal details and outsmart the courts.
  • Finally you will have me in prison and out of the way to do any harm.

Results will not be quick. To quote the Mishneh (a part of the Talmud):

“The day is long; the work is hard; the laborers are sluggish. But, if not you, then who? If not now, then when?”



Yours in freedom and justice—Julian

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