Press Release: Ron Paul on Israel

Aaron Biterman runs a Facebook page called Jewish Libertarians in which he correctly points out that if Ron Paul were president, he would discontinue foreign aid to Israel. However that is not all. I am a Jewish Libertarian too, so I am adding a number of other things that Ron Paul would not have done for Israel had he been president during the last decade.

1. He would not have given seven times as much foreign aid to Israel’s enemies.
2. He would not have forbidden the State Department to move the U. S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as ordered by Congress.
3. He would not forbid U. S. citizens born in Jerusalem to list their place of birth as Jerusalem, Israel on U. S. passports and other legal documents.
4. He would not have tried to prohibit Israel from building 10,000 new housing units in East Jerusalem.
5. He would not have prohibited Israel from expanding existing or building new settlements in the West Bank.
6. He would not have forced Israel to end its invasion of Lebanon before wiping out Hezbollah.
7. He would not have forced Israel to stop Operation Cast Lead in Gaza before wiping out Hamas.
8. He would not have alienated Prime Minister Benjamin Natanyahu, or probably even met with him.
9. He would not have sucked-up to Israel’s enemies.

You see, Ron Paul does not give a damn about Israel. He believes that is not our business.

Julian Heicklen
January 27, 2011

  1. Mark Schmidter

    Dear Julian:
    I you are wrong about Ron Paul. Please revise.

    Israel SHOCKS WORLD and endorses The Ron Paul Foreign Policy?!

  2. InalienableWrights

    Government should remain neutral about other countries. The only concern of our government should be the protection of the rights of it’s citizens. If YOU as a citizen want to be concerned about Israel then more power to you.

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