Liberty Conspiracy podcast covers the dismissal of Julian’s jury tampering case

Opening with Kasabian’s “Days Are Forgotten”, we delve into the forgotten principle of JURY NULLIFICATION, which stems from the ancient Common Law, and which is not mentioned by most judges in contemporary courts. It’s an important power that the people have to negate bad laws! Check out the news story and our analysis. Then, listen as El G Grande explains why both Arizona and the gubment cats in DC are wrong in their immigration arguments in the Supreme Court! We go into some valuable information for liberty lovers, and stress the economic benefits of unlimited immigration!

With music by Kasabian, The Fatima Mansions, Girls Against Boys (“Rockets Are Red” and “In Like flynn”), The Sex Pistols (“Bodies” and “Holidays in the Sun” – LIVE!), Steely Dan (“Black Friday”), Morphine (“Super Sex”), Massive Attack (“Man Next Door”), Iggy and the Stooges (“I Wanna Be your Dog”) blending into The Cult’s homage, (“Phoenix”)! Be Seeing You!

  1. great site! Awareness is key

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