1. Hello folks , I have posted several messages for Julian\\\’s case. I have a friend that is one of the nation\\\’s leading Constitutional Law scholars whom I contacted on Julian\\\’s behalf. I gave his email and the message from Bill Thornton. Please see that Julian gets this info.

    Respectfully in truth and liberty,

    Phillip Sandy

  2. My son was arrested Friday night 7/21/2011 and is being held in Montgomery county correctional facility. He is mentally impaired and gets arrested for many minor offenses. Underage drinking,weed etc.. He has now been charged with 3 Drug acts and robbery. His future is uncertain. I have been afraid but my nature is to challenge. I am considering protest art for my front lawn and will be wishing to work with the Tyranny fighters in and around my location.

    Stay strong,

    Dennis O’Brien

    • Nadine Hays

      You need to get support. Try your local Occupy and 99% Declaration groups. Join in with them and help stop the criminalization of petty crimes…they should simply be a fine like a speeding ticket.

      Check out my entries on July 7, 2012 on my blog:

      We are fighting for a better world. Come join us!

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