Tyranny Fighters is a group that fights outrages perpetrated by all the U. S. and state governments (federal, state, county, and municipality). The group has no fixed rules of policy. There is no constitution, bylaws, or rules. It has no officers, no elections, standing committees, nor specific agenda. There are no dues and no formal memberships. Everyone does his or her own thing for freedom and justice. Tyranny Fighters is a networking operation. The goal is to return the country to constitutional government.


Some projects that have involved Tyranny Fighters are:

  1. Challenging court and police behavior
  2. Reintroducing jury trials for all criminal cases
  3. Educating jurors about their duties
  4. Ending asset forfeiture
  5. Protecting gun rights
  6. Ending the income tax
  7. Ending the prosecution of consensual acts involving mentally-competent adults.
  8. Ending the war on drugs
  9. Reducing the prison population and reforming the prisons
  10. Exposing government lies
  11. Changing improper ordinances and government misbehavior, especially at the county and municipality level.

We keep each other informed through an approximately biweekly progress report distributed by Julian Heicklen, the Organizer of Tyranny Fighters. In this way we can spread the word, form coalitions, and help each other with projects. If you would like to join this group, send an E-mail to Julian Heicklen at jph13@psu.edu with the words: “Put me on the list.”

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance
The price of justice is eternal publicity

  1. You are a moron. Stay out of Orlando.

  2. Name calling does nothing to further your argument, Ryan. I hope that you are never on the receiving end of having to go through our so-called justice system. Try visiting various copwatch websites and educate yourself on what’s going on around you and you might respect what Julian is bravely doing for all of us.

  3. Thanks for doing everything you’re doing, Julian! Noone is more effectively “striking at the root” of tyranny than you, Mark Schmidter, NJ Weedman, George Donnelly, and Jim Babb. By engaging the enemy, you have shown how mindless, sociopathic, and valueless it is. Speaking of mindless, I’m glad you’re striking the root, not sucking it, as “Ryan” seems to favor. Sucking the root accomplishes nothing but short-term desire for a salty snack.

    I encourage you to contact me if you wish, and to develop a forum on this website that encourages greater feedback and participation with open upranking and downranking, and thresholds that encourage emergence. The FIJA forum needs some competition, and both of you can drive the other to better performance. Lesswrong.com has a fairly good threshold-based system, but also discourages new people from competing with long-established “high karma” participants, whose votes make LW a prejudicial system that discourages further “heavy users.” (It has the heavy users it began with, but few new ones. A rolling window can accomplish this, too. I’d be surprised if you couldn’t find programmers willing to work on this very cheaply, in exchange for future profits, or for free.)

    Just a few ideas du jour. My number is posted online in several places if you’re interested. I also encourage people to contribute to LP AR ballot access. Such contributions will pay for 4/5 of the petitioners hired for the job to perform jury rights activism in front of Arkansas courthouses in 2014. Know that as we are doing so, it is because we were inspired by Julian Heicklen.

    Contribute online here:

    Also, since Julian is getting older, we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out how much we want him along for the Singularity. Since he has no prejudice in his body, and an agile mind, we’d hope he’s read the following articles:
    Terry Grossman’s “Why Cryosuspension Makes Sense”

    Eliezer Yudkowsky’s article, “Yehuda Yudkowsky, 1985-2004″

    Alcor Life Extension Foundation

    How Ayn Rand
    Didn’t Get Frozen

    The above links might seem radical, they might seem crazy. But upon complete investigation, they are highly rational, and life-saving. …Much like Jury Nullification of Law in victimless crime cases!

    Please, let’s do all we can to cross-pollinate the freedom movement with the Singularity movement. The world deserves a second renaissance. A part of that second renaissance is the presence of people who have more to talk about than sports and the weather. Julian Heicklen, and those who recognize the value of his work, are among such people.

    They should live long, and stay strong.

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